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GENERAL NEWS / 28-04-2021


  • This is the third EFC centre in Holland for Jumbo, a leading supermarket chain in the Netherlands and Belgium. 
  • The logistics centre covers a surface of ​​50,000 m2 and has areas at different temperatures.
  • AR Racking and its strategic distributor Begra have installed various storage solutions.
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The storage systems provider Begra and AR Racking, a specialist in comprehensive intralogistics solutions, have carried out the design and installation of the new E-Fulfillment Centre (EFC) for the supermarket chain Jumbo in Bleiswijk (South Holland).


Jumbo, with a history of 100 years dedicated to the food sector, has relied on the experience of Begra and AR Racking to optimize the space of this logistics centre of 50,000 m2, which will be the third Jumbo’s EFC in the Netherlands after Den Bosch and Raalte. The Bleiswijk EFC will serve as a logistics centre to streamline the online sales process and respond to growing demand. The centre is located on a plot with a total area of ​​103,000 m2, which in addition to the warehouse, has 100 docks for the entry and exit of merchandise and 700 parking spaces.


The EFC has been equipped with a combination of various storage systems: adjustable pallet racking and drive-in racking system (manufactured by AR Racking) with storage capacity for 15,382 pallets and 1,296 pallets respectively, as well as Heavy Duty shelving racks from its strategic distributor Begra’s brand. The centre has different temperature zones, adapted to the type of product to be stored in each area: fresh, groceries and frozen products. In the frozen product storage zone, a temperature of up to -25ºC is reached, environmental conditions to which the installed racks are perfectly adapted.


The installation of the storage systems has been carried out with the collaboration and coordination work between AR Racking and Begra, who have successfully completed this project for Jumbo, facing a great planning challenge. The project has required short development times, without leaving aside flexibility and adaptability to the management process itself and the client's needs. Mark de Bie, Jumbo Operations Director, sums it up: “In a very short time, Begra and AR Racking have faced the execution of a very ambitious project that will allow us to continue growing through a first level e-commerce”.


“The assembly of the industrial racks was completed in 7 weeks and throughout the project we have strictly complied with the schedule. The excellent coordination with AR Racking was key to completing this ambitious project in a satisfactory way for Jumbo that allows them grow in its business”, adds Jorg Zwaans, General Director of Begra.