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GENERAL NEWS / 31-07-2021


AR Shelving Slovakia, the satisfaction of a project that grows day by day

Our distributors need increasingly strong suppliers who can supply globally, we are anxious to seek new sales channels, to discover new markets, to develop new storage solutions and for all this we need to grow. Today we are materializing the idea of ​​growing in m2, in profiling capacity, in painting capacity, in packaging capacity ... all this by undertaking innovative investments that will allow us to double our manufacturing capacity, getting closer to fulfilling our dreams of improving the life of people facilitating the creation of tidy spaces.

Once the land attached to the current one, 13,000m2, has been acquired, the construction of an 8,000m2 warehouse has begun. In this warehouse there will be 18 profiling lines, a raw material warehouse, a semi-finished material warehouse and who knows if over time a new painting line.

It is estimated that by the summer of 2022 the Slovak factory will have doubled its manufacturing capacity and we will be ready to face the challenges that we have set for ourselves in our management plan.

At the same time, an investment is being developed in the painting line, which will allow us to double our painting capacity compared to that which existed last year ... And we do not rule out having to install more capacity in the coming months ... the market set the rules...

Finally, in our investment plan, it is also planned to set up an automatic packaging line, which will not only allow us to increase the packaging capacity, but will also make us the company with the most advanced technology in this process.

Being an innovative project that will place us as a benchmark company in the Zilina region, we are going to receive aid from the European Union, which fills us with pride because many projects have been presented and few have been selected.

AR Shelving is an exciting project, which grows, which looks to the future with strong foundations and with the conviction that there is much to do, much to contribute to the shelving sector and to society in general.