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GENERAL NEWS / 15-11-2017


ARANIA training course on materials properties and behaviour.

In the pursuit of striving for excellence, ARANIA has recently trained its employees in order to provide a better response as regards quality, productivity and efficiency to customers.

ARANIA, in its vocation to offer technical solutions through cold rolled strips to improve the added value offered to its customers, is committed to the continuous training of its employees.

The ARANIA professionals who have completed the materials training course, given by the University of Mondragón, are engineers or workers who occupy positions related to the company's production processes and who need to perfectly know and understand the behaviour of the materials when processed.

During the course, which has been given at the Orue Eskola facilities, subjects such as the introduction to metallurgy and examples of application of steel sheets and sheet metal processing processes have been covered. As far as steels are concerned, during the course the types of steel and their mechanical properties as well as the heat and surface treatments of this alloy have been addressed.

The course was undertaken in several sessions between 24-26 October and 6/7 November.