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GENERAL NEWS / 01-10-2022


ISO 50001- Energy Management System Certification

The ISO 50001 certification is an international standard that aims to establish, implement and guarantee an Energy Management System (EMS) within the organisation.

This tool promotes the analysis and identification of the processes with the greatest energy consumption to implement a policy that guarantees continuous improvement and properly manages the energy-related aspects derived from the business activity.

Its main objective is to incorporate energy management within the organisation at any level and for all departments. In this way, the company will be able to reduce energy consumption, minimise their carbon footprint and reduce costs through the sustainable use of energy.


What should the company due during its implementation?

Among other things, a company that chooses to implement the ISO 5001 standard will have to do the following:

  • Analyse data to understand their starting point
  • Determine the scope of the EMS
  • Form a work team to lead and execute the project
  • Evaluate energy performance
  • Set goals and objectives
  • Establish an efficient energy management policy
  • Define some indicators to achieve the objectives
  • Continuously improve their energy management to make it increasingly efficient and with a lower environmental impact


What are the benefits of implementing ISO 50001?

The efficient and responsible use of energy is a necessary practice that has multiple benefits:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Achieves a more efficient consumption of resources
  • Energy savings in the short, medium, and long term
  • Decreases CO2 emissions and carbon footprint
  • Know and implement new energy efficiency technologies
  • Awareness among staff to adopt the energy saving measures
  • Reduction and control of energy costs
  • Involvement in the protection of the environment and sustainable development


In summary, with this certification, Aratubo is improving our energy efficiency and reducing energy expenditure, also allowing us to reduce the environmental impact of our production process and be a benchmark in our sector.


ISO 50001- Energy Management System

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