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GENERAL NEWS / 28-01-2021


At the end of 2020, following our philosophy of supporting social issues and sustainable development, AR Shelving decided to help with the San Nicolas de Bari Church out, in Algorta (Biscay). The church is carrying out the charity project MER+ (Aid Work on Food and Wastage)

This project involves social aims, sustainability, and circular economy, since they are gathering “unsaleable” outdated food removed from markets, but suitable for consumption yet, to help people most in need to complete their shopping basket.


What makes this food bank different is that its goal is to find dignity to every individual and self-sufficiency to meet their food needs. Therefore, instead of offering a particular foodstuff to the people who come to the church, they are giving the chance of choosing what they really need, encouraging their way of being self-sufficient. In short, what they want to achieve is that the people to whom the aid is addressed experience this as similar as possible to a simple shopping in any supermarket.


Of course, for this to succeed, products must be shown in an accessible and simple way. However, the church had old and damaged shelves, so our company decided to support them and donate our metal shelves to help optimizing their warehouse facilities. New shelves let them improve the organization of the space, substantially increasing their storage capacity and making easier the access to the available products. Thus, a better space appearance has been achieved, and, above all, the long everyday queues have been cleared.


We would like to thank all the people that, as our colleague Ainhoa, are involved and commit themselves to help in this great project.