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At Arania, we adapt to even the most adverse of situations, continuing to work to meet our commitments, always implementing the measures necessary to preserve the integrity of our team.

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This video is a humble but very sincere thank you to every one of our staff members who, in spite of the difficulties, are getting through this tough trial and putting all their efforts into our shared project, fulfilling commitments with clients, partners and collaborators and the well-being of their colleagues.

  1. Implementing work from home: full steam ahead
    Our priority was to guarantee the health and safety of every single member of our staff, wherever they are working from. So, we decided that anyone in a position to perform their tasks from home would do so until the situation improves, despite the individual and collective inconveniences this would bring.
  2. Our factory teams: commitment to servicing a project
    Ariana is an industrial company and, therefore, we were required to meet the demands of clients, partners and collaborators. We applied the strictest hygiene and safety measures, reorganising our production lines and our factory teams in order to continue supplying product to industrial players who would otherwise have had to shut down their factories.
  3. Adaptation and flexibility: Adaptation is in our DNA.

Change has been part of our story all along. In such a changeable and difficult external context, our team has shown incredible flexibility and a will to succeed that is without compare.

Day to day, both from our production plant in Amorebieta and from home, the people that bring Arania to life have proven once again that they truly are the company’s greatest asset, with their motivation, their professional quality and their team spirit.

Arania could not be more proud and grateful to them. We wish to thank the entire team for being there and showing your commitment every single day: you are the driving force and the heart of a project that, in spite of great difficulty, has never once faltered on its mission to turn steel into dreams. Eskerrik asko!

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”. Stephen Hawking