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GENERAL NEWS / 15-12-2022


For the first time, Grupo Arania presents its Corporate Sustainability Report.

For the first time, GRUPO ARANIA presents its Non-Financial Status Report, a corporate sustainability report demonstrating the organisation's performance during the financial year 2021 and its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, in accordance with the commitments adopted in its code of conduct and responsible practices.

The 2030 Agenda promotes the balance between economic growth, social progress and environmental protection and, of all the goals covered by this agenda, Grupo Arania is going to concentrate on those in which sustainable development depends on the sectors and countries in which it acts, as well those that correspond to the culture that defines the Group.

With the publication of this document, GRUPO ARANIA will respond in detail to the information required on environmental, social and corporate governance matters, as well as human rights, society and the fight against corruption and bribery. The year 2021 was an important one in our long history; the Group has been restructured for more streamlined and consolidated organisation, thus gaining dynamics, efficiency and, in particular, transparency.

“We are convinced that companies can be a source of solutions and make a clear contribution to the common good.”

In the words of our Chair Eric Arana: “It is true that customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and society in general expect more from companies. It is with good reason that social tensions, environmental catastrophes and economic crises pose a threat to the system. In the face of these challenges, at GRUPO ARANIA we are convinced that companies can be a source of solutions and make a clear contribution to the common good.”

The pandemic we have been through has helped us see more clearly what really is important. It has been a time for helping others and for management to think even more, if that is possible, of people. Right from the start of the outbreak of this health crisis we were aware that we were going to be judged above all on how we took care of everyone involved in the company, and not only for the economic results. We have been proud to see how the Group has risen to the circumstances.” Full Letter from the Chairman

We're a new style of steel transformation. We believe in people and the strength of teamwork. We are Grupo Arania”.