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GENERAL NEWS / 17-04-2023


The approval of ARANIA’s Equality Plan ratifies the company’s commitment to effective equality between all genders, establishing a series of specific measures to be implemented in key areas such as work-life balance, harassment prevention, equal pay and equal opportunities in selection processes and professional promotion.

The crucial role of the Equality Commission

The purpose of the Equality Commission is to promote equality and diversity. Its objectives include to analyse, debate and submit proposals to the Management regarding the challenges and opportunities in this area, composed on an equal basis between Company and Employee representatives.

This equality committee works for a greater and better integration of women in all areas of business activity, in conditions of full equality, encouraging professional development and promoting diversity, based on an open and inclusive culture.

An equality survey, carried out among the entire workforce and with a very high response rate, allowed for the preparation of the diagnosis and the negotiation and approval of the Equality Plan, focusing on the following main areas of action:

  • Prevention of sexual harassment and gender discrimination
  • Prevention of mobbing
  • Recruitment and selection process
  • Promotion and professional development
  • Training
  • Occupational health and working conditions
  • Protection of victims of gender-based violence
  • Language and communication
  • Conciliation of personal, family and working life
  • Equal pay

For each equality area, the plan sets out the actions to be carried out, the expected timeframe for implementation and their monitoring.
Arania’s Equality Plan is in force for 4 years, and its implementation will be shared and communicated.

In the world today, a leading company in its industry like ARANIA must be clear about its model of social responsibility and its commitment to effective equality.