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GENERAL NEWS / 09-10-2023


GRUPO ARANIA is an industrial corporation made up of more than 1000 people, with four diversified business units, 5 factories, a technology centre and an R&D laboratory, in addition to subsidiaries and offices in multiple countries.

Today it presents its second Sustainability Report, corresponding to the financial year 2022. Its aim is to learn about the progress made in environmental, social and governance matters and the Group's commitment to Sustainability through good practices, focused on balanced economic growth.

In 2022 the Group's new Sustainability Directorate was created, which will promote and coordinate the efforts that are already being implemented in each Business Unit. Because GRUPO ARANIA is conscious of the challenges facing society, and strongly feels that companies can be a source of solutions that contribute to the common good.

The steel processing sector is facing a number of decisive challenges, such as energy, its origin and cost; its carbon footprint and decarbonisation plan; and circularity, with more sustainable production and consumption models. In all of them, through collaboration with suppliers, customers, universities, technology centres and administrations, GRUPO ARANIA aims to play a significant role in this revolution faced by industry as a whole.

It would not be possible to achieve or even consider these goals without the commitment and dedication of everyone within GRUPO ARANIA. In the words of our Chair, Eric Arana, “alone we can only do so much, but together we can do a lot more”.

See the GRUPO ARANIA Sustainability Report.