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GENERAL NEWS / 01-07-2019


‘Nothing is permanent, except change’, said Heraclitus. And this is true, because down through the years all organisations undergo many changes that help them establish their own identity and DNA.

Enrique Rey Baltar, company manager now retiring after 28 years, will always form part of the DNA of Arania S.A. For all of us making up this great family it has been a genuine pleasure to have had the chance to work alongside him, and we wish him all the best in this new phase of his life. Thanks for your dedication, hard work and professional attitude.

And we also wish to welcome Juan Ramis, our new manager. We feel sure his extensive experience in the automotive sector and over a decade at the company heading up innovation, development and quality will serve him in good stead to successfully address the future challenges faced by Europe’s automotive and steel sectors.