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GENERAL NEWS / 17-05-2023


In April Grupo Arania held the first meeting of the Sustainability Committee, the team responsible for working on sustainability more directly in the different companies that make up the group.

Alberto Lejarreta, the group's CEO, stated that integrating sustainability into the global strategy is extremely important to the organisation. He also underlined the support and involvement of all the corporate governing bodies in this regard, in both policies and practices, as well as actions.

This was the perfect opportunity to speak of the implementation mechanisms, identify the needs of each company, report on actions already under way, evaluate those that have already taken place and share success stories.

The Sustainability Committee

“Promoting sustainable growth”

The committee is made up of a team of people actively involved in the sustainability strategy of each company and of the group. They share an integral outlook and will act as agents for change from within the organisation to implement the target of responsible development and lead a positive internal and external transformation.

The goals concentrate on promoting sustainable growth and a corporate culture focusing on care for our interest groups, where sustainability is yet another part of our corporate identity.

These goals lead to the following specific commitments:

  • Raising awareness of sustainability among other people in the group.
  • Establishing active dialogue, two-way communication that promotes participation among everyone.
  • Sharing knowledge and resources to turn it into shared challenges.
  • Being at the forefront of breakthroughs in sustainability to facilitate guidelines for progress.
  • Adapting to the different rhythms derived from the different actions, assuming the lack of homogeneity at the starting point.
  • Being aware that there is only a real commitment to the extent that the whole team understands the importance and scope of the situation.

This new area takes on the commitment of progressing together towards sustainable development, and is aware that corporate social responsibility brings a differentiating value to corporate identity and reputation, beyond compliance with the legal requirements

Thus, Grupo Arania will be more and more demanding, not just in product quality but also in how this happens.


Identity (Living Sustainability no se traduce)

“Living Sustainability, the IDENTITY of the Sustainability in the group”

The importance of this Committee's work requires its own identity that will set it apart and bring visibility to its actions to implement the concept of sustainability in the activity of all the group's companies.

This brand reflects the contribution of active value to sustainable development.

“Living Sustainability” and its logo will represent all the actions within the Grupo Arania sustainability strategy. The hexagon, shared by all the companies, is adopted as an integrating component. Sustainability is, therefore, a value with its own identity.

 Logotipo Living Sustainability Grupo Arania

The challenges of Grupo Arania

“The ultimate aim is to integrate sustainability throughout the whole company strategy”

Decarbonisation, net zero emissions and ASG/ESG are the main sustainability trends companies must act on, that will mark 2023 and the coming decades.

The ultimate aim is to integrate sustainability throughout the whole company strategy, which will be a disruptive challenge and at the same time a great opportunity for this work group.

The challenge includes setting goals, designing action plans and complying with the stringent reporting obligations. Currently all of the companies in Grupo Arania are already working to fine-tune their sustainability plans.

This all requires a management system that provides answers to all the market demands, regardless of their origin and focus (environmental, social or mixed).

The difficulties analysed include in particular the lack of homogeneity and common standards, the complexity of the regulations and the need for a clear reference framework. It is imperative to set specific key indicators to facilitate the periodical monitoring and its control to ensure transverse compliance of the sustainability policy established.

In recent years we have witnessed an increase in attention to the environmental,social and governance matters and we are working to contribute to the company's progress as a whole, a requirement that will continue to increase in the coming years.

The extent to which these sustainability policies will apply to business strategy, becoming an integral part of corporate culture, will be a differentiating element for the feasibility of the companies, and may even influence access to funding or the acquisition of talent and employability.

Grupo Arania is committed to progress and being part of this "sustainable revolution".