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GENERAL NEWS / 01-08-2021


Grupo Arania reasserts its commitment to sustainability with a Certificate of Guarantee of Origin.

Grupo Arania has reasserted its commitment to an environmentally responsible corporate culture by implementing a Guarantee of Origin (GoO) certificate, an accreditation that guarantees the electrical energy consumed in its production centres is generated from renewable energy sources.

 Issued by the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC), the GoO certificate guarantees that Grupo Arania operates its production processes using renewable energy. With this certification, the company provides detailed information to its clients about the origin of the energy it consumes and the environmental impact generated during the manufacturing cycle of its products.

 The four businesses that make up the group (cold rolling, steel tubes, light racking and industrial shelving), are committed to the GoO system and to forging a path towards a more sustainable industry that is efficient and respectful to the environment.

 Since its beginnings in 1940, Grupo Arania has always been committed to using advanced processes and having a clear long-term vision, both in terms of managing its production-technological processes and its human capital. More recently, caring for the environment has become a challenge that is as complex and exciting as it is inevitable for Grupo Arania.

 About Grupo Arania:

Grupo Arania is a European benchmark in steel transformation. With more than 80 years’ experience and 404,000 tonnes of steel processed annually, its continuous commitment to using the latest technologies has made it a reference in the sector; its activity in more than 65 countries and export ratios of 80% has reinforced its presence in international markets. The group is made up of four brands: Arania, Aratubo, AR Racking and AR Shelving.

GRUPO ARANIA knows that its main engine of growth is its human capital, and is firmly committed to inclusiveness, equality and the empowerment of people.