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GENERAL NEWS / 14-02-2020


Arania Materials Laboratory: a research centre providing genuine added value to Arania's development as a reference in the high-precision cold-rolled steel sector.


As real generator of knowledge and confidence, both suppliers and customers highlight the relevance of this industrial asset in the final quality of their products, services and processes.

Without any doubt, the upgrade of the Materials Laboratory is a structural investment, which is essential for a leading company in its sector such as Arania. This new technical facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and focused on quality control, analysis of metallic materials and research. How does this laboratory work?

Arania Materials Laboratory: how does it work?

The main targets of this laboratory regarding the analysis of materials are focused on three areas: certificationfailure analysis and knowledge.


This is the key element ensuring all product requirements and specifications are met. The objective is to determine the characteristics of the cold-rolled steel through various mechanical and chemical tests, in order to finally certify its quality, reliability and safety.

Failure analysis: added value and industrial benchmark

Another important feature distinguishing this Materials Laboratory as a source of added value is the ability to perform failure analysis. Now we can determine the origin of the material problems for each individual situation, regardless of the production chain phase in which they have occurred. As a result, the most suitable solution for each costumer can be found, and thus the value chain is optimised.

Knowledge: the key to customer trust

In addition to certification and failure analysis, at Arania Materials Laboratory research studies on materials are carried out as part of R&D projects, both local (Hazitek Programme) and European (Horizon 2020 Programme). Internal projects focused on process optimization and continuous improvement are also conducted, facilitating and promoting the transfer of knowledge between technology centres, universities and industry. All these technical outputs have a relevant impact on the overall efficiency of Arania as global producer of high-precision cold-rolled steel.

In this sense, the combination between knowledge provided by materials analysis and the experience of a highly qualified professional team – wich is fully dedicated to the Materials Laboratory – allows Arania to offer the best solution for each customer, and consequently turning this facility into a key consultation tool, very appreciated by all actors in the sector.

As a conclusion, this advanced Materials Laboratory is a great trust builder and a competitive advantage that forge closer links between our customers, suppliers and collaborators: a new competitive advantage boosting the expertise, knowledge and know-how of a company that has been turning steel into dreams for more than 75 years.